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Request My Personal Data

While Forekash is a "Privacy Positive" app, meaning we collect only the data necessary to provide the service, it is still your right to request and receive the data we collect from you (minimal!). 

The Forekash philosophy is that budgeting is  mostly math...we just need the numbers you provide instead of your banking credentials.  The numbers you provide could be "what if" scenarious for financial literacy purposes for all we know.  Instead of D.O.B, you can indicate an AGE RANGE.  Instead of your address, you can indicate your general LOCATION (country & state).  Even these data points are optional, but the "personalized insights" within Forekash are more valuable to the user with those set.  

Request My Data

Thanks for submitting your data request!

It may take some time to gather the data, but when we have it ready, we will notify you based on the information you provide below.  Note: you will have to prove you are the requestor with photo ID in correspondence we will initiate following this request, we cannot give data out to just anyone!

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