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  • How many budgets can I create?
    While most budgeting apps allow 1 budget, Forekash allows up to 5 budgets...and they can be created QUICKLY from an example budget or one of your existing budgets. Being able to have multiple budgets or multiple versions of the same budget allows the user to play "what if" scenarios when considering changes in either income or expenses.
  • How many income and expense items can I create?
    Currently, you may add up to 10 income items and up to 30 expense items. We need to draw the line somewhere, but if you need more, PLEASE let us know...we can help you quickly and will be happy to.
  • Why is my current balance different today?
    One of the features that Forekash offers is that your budget rolls forward each day. Whatever your plan was for the day, the system processes it...updating your current balance higher or lower depending on what YOU scheduled. If your plan was 100% accurate, when you log back in after a few days, your current balance would be accurate, too. Since Forekash does not connect to your bank account, you will need to update your current balance when you go into the app. If you update it higher, you are doing better on your plan. If you update it lower, your expenses were more than your plan or your income was less than your plan...or both.
  • What is "Subscribe to Activate this Feature" mean? "
    If the trial period expires before the user purchases a subscription, Forekash continues to allow the user to login and modify their budgets as much as needed. While access to managing budgets continues without an active subscription, the Forecast and Insights features will be disabled until the user becomes an active subcriber after the initial trial period or if an active subscription expires.
  • Can I see my chart data easier?
    Your forecast chart is meant to be interactive and engaging! Touch any bar to see the date and corresponding daily balance. Pinch, zoom, and scroll around your chart to see more or less's your chart to experience...Play around with it!
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